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  2. Registered Candidates and/or applicants are only allowed to view or access journals, research and thought leadership, Statements, exam details, course content and other similar products. Registered paid candidates will be sent soft copy of the certification exam materials within 24 hours. The after mentioned products on internal/personal device for personal use only and not for any commercial use.
  3. Registered candidates and/or applicants are only provided available soft copy text exam related materials, no videos or webinar videos available to download. Registered candidates cannot request any additional exam materials more than what has been sent to them.
  4. Registered candidates and/or applicants are not allowed to reverse engineer, decode, decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to access or derive the source code or structural framework of the products or services offered by this website.
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  8. The website retain full and complete ownership of all products and services and the intellectual property rights vested therein.
  9. Registered paid candidates can reschedule exam date at no extra charge one week before the original exam date.
  10. Registered and/or applicants do not have control over the infrastructure facilities or equipment or server where the products and services are hosted or stored. Registered and/or applicants are not provided any dedicated online storage space.
  11. Registered candidates and/or applicants do not have any right to the process adopted by this website for providing the products and services.
  12. No refund for any amount paid is applicable or available after registration or after payment being processed.
  13. All self study and exam and registration activities are an online process complete through the internet.
  14. Candidates wish to receive a physical service of either exam registration or exam preparation course should find and register with an authorized testing center in their region. This website provides only an online service.
  15. Candidates who cannot locate an authorized testing center in their region can register as self study candidates and complete the exam process online.
  16. Registered self study candidates may require info or support from a local regional support testing center if available.
  17. Registered self study candidates with an available testing center in their region have to sit for the exam in the physical premises of the appointed testing center in their region if active and available.
  18. Registered self study candidates with no current active available testing center in their region will take the exam online at the designated exam date requested.
  19. If a registered candidate failed the certification exam, he/she can re-take the exam at any designated date after 30 days of the original exam date. Only exam fee apply for re-taking the exam.
  20. Self study candidates or other course registered candidates with active available testing centers in their region must take the official “Pencil and Paper exam” supported by the authorized testing center.